Utility Trailers and Dump Trailers in Central NY

Dump Trailers and Utility Trailers, Including Equipment Trailers, Tilt Trailers, and Car Trailers

Dump Trailers by Bri-Mar and Bwise

Clinton Tractor's hydraulic dump trailers are American made by Bwise of Chambersburg, PA. Bwise and Bri-Mar are one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers in the country. Our customers include landscapers, contractors, and farmers.

We carry low profile, and low profile heavy duty series dump trailers.

  • Low profile dump trailers are versatile trailers with a low deck height perfect for loading and unloading lawn tractors, mowers, and other equipment.
  • Low profile heavy duty dump trailers are for the larger loads. The six and seven-ton trailer can haul not only construction material, but also the equipment itself.
Utility Trailers by Bri-Mar and Pequea

Utility trailers made by Bri-Mar and Pequea are perfect for hauling compact tractors, commercial landscape equipment, and large equipment.

  • Bri-Mar utility trailers come with a 4-foot long drive-in gate, tubing uprights and top rail, a spare tire carrier, and powder coat finish.
  • Pequea large ton utility trailers are the choice trailer for the equipment professional. They're made with an extra heavy frame so axle upgrades are possible. Standard 4" drop axles furnish one of the lowest loading angles around.

Stop by and see our wide variety of trailers for yourself. Our dealership is on 31 Meadow Street in Clinton, NY, next to McDonald's. And we're open 6 days a week for your convenience.