2016 New Holland Agriculture TS6.110 - 110 hp, 2 Wheel Drive


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New Holland Agriculture
TS6.110 - 110 hp, 2 Wheel Drive


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2 Wheel Drive
30 KPH
16x8 Transmission
Dual Power
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Power that’s efficient, comfortable and affordable.

TS6 Series tractors are the new face of standard tractors, yet these tractors are anything but basic. They’re big on power and efficiency, loaded with comfort, and ready to handle your toughest tasks. In short, they’re your best choice if you’re looking for a strong, modern and affordable all-purpose tractor.


Four TS6 models range from 90 to 115 PTO horsepower and fit a wide range of farming practices. Choose a model with two- or four-wheel drive, with an open ROPS platform or New Holland’s VisionView™ cab. For vegetable and specialty crops, look to the TS6.120 High-Clearance model.


You can pick and choose your options if you like, or choose from two preferred customer packages.

TS6 VALUE tractors feature an 8x8 transmission with power shuttle and a 19-mph transport speed, with 13-gpm implement hydraulics and 3,735-pound three-point lift capacity.

TS6 PLUS models feature higher specifications and more deluxe features to increase comfort and productivity. PLUS models offer increased 22-gpm hydraulic capacity and 5,499-pound hitch lift capacity, and double the forward speeds and a faster 25-mph travel speed with a 16x8 transmission. The PLUS cab also features added comfort and convenience with an air suspension seat with swivel, plus instructor seat, rear wiper/washer, radio, and an overhead high-visibility panel.


You can order both TS6 Plus and Value tractors with complete factory installation of everything needed for a matching New Holland front loader. The loader ready option includes the loader joystick, two-function mid-mount valve with hoses and couplers to attach to the loader hydraulics, TPS mounts and grill guard.

Engine Features
  • A Huge Leap in Performance and Efficiency: TS6 Series engines are Tier 4B emissions certified, and deliver power and performance without compromise. The common rail fuel injection system provides precise metering of fuel injection which reduces engine noise, has better fuel combustion, higher horsepower per cylinder, lower emissions and enhanced fuel economy.
  • More Power and Torque Than Previous TS6 Models: TS6 four-cylinder engines use the latest New Holland engine technology to maximize the power delivered per cylinder, resulting in performance that’s significantly better than the Tier 3 engine used on previous TS6 models. With four valves per cylinder, and the electronically controlled common rail fuel system, these engines generate more torque, more quickly and hold it longer for better lugging ability. You get better throttle response and a noticeable increase in loaded engine performance in difficult crop or soil conditions.
  • ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR Technology—One Simple Solution: New Holland’s ECOBlue HI-eSCR after-treatment system is a simple solution that not only reduces emissions, but also improves fuel efficiency so you complete more work with less fuel.
  • Cleaner Air with Dust Ejector: The engine gets cleaner air thanks to a new radiator fan shroud that creates a vacuum that pulls debris from the air filter.
  • Added Ventilation: Slanted rear-side louvers provide additional ventilation for the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).
VisionView™ Cab and ROPS Platform Features
  • More Comfort and Visibility: Operating ease and superior visibility are part of TS6 tractor design. Whether you choose a TS6 tractor with an open, flat-deck platform or the exclusive New Holland VisionView™ cab, you will experience industry-leading comfort and control. Both cab and non-cab models feature 360-degree visibility and the CommandArc™ console with convenient, natural placement of controls that require minimum effort.
  • Improved Lighting: The VisionView cab features eight work lights—four in front and four in back—for working at night or in low light. Non-cab models feature a rear work light mounted on the ROPS for continued work after dark.
  • VisionView™ Cab: The VisionView cab features two wide clear doors, a large window in back and an expansive windshield with a sleek, curved roofline that gives you excellent visibility that is especially good for loader work. An optional high-visibility roof panel expands your view even higher so you get an effortless view to a raised loader bucket. The panel also opens for added ventilation. A retractable sunscreen for the upper windshield and roof window cuts glare.
  • 10 Vents for All-temperature Comfort: Dual-fan cooling and heating includes 10 vents to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather.
  • Comfortable Seating: A comfortable mechanical suspension seat is standard with the Value package, while a deluxe air suspension seat with swivel and full-size, cushioned instructor seat is included in the Plus package and is optional on Value models.
  • Comfortable Flat-deck Platform: If you choose a TS6 tractor without a cab, you’ll find the spacious, open operator platform with ROPS is a great place to work. The true flat deck gives you plenty of foot and legroom since all pedals are suspended and there’s no driveline hump. The seat and tilt steering wheel adjust for your comfort, and the dash-mounted instrument cluster gives you a clear view of operating information.
Transmission Features
  • Proven Choices to Match Your Needs: TS6 Series tractors offer a selection of reliable transmissions, including a choice of a 19-mph or 25-mph road speed and choice of mechanical or power forward/reverse shuttle.
  • Power Shuttle: The easy-to-use, left-hand power shuttle provides fast, smooth direction changes and is ideal for loader work.
  • 25-mph (40-kph) Road Speed: Choose the faster 25-mph road speed for faster field-to-field travel and to shorten long transport trips.
  • 10:1 Creeper: For slow speed applications, an optional 10:1 Creeper is available on all transmission to provide speeds as slow as 0.136 mph. You engage it electro-hydraulically using a switch on the Command Arc™ console.
Hydraulics and 3-point Hitch Features
  • Total Flow Up to 29 GPM: TS6 Series tractors have the hydraulic flow to handle demanding implements. Both Value and Plus models feature a 13-gallon-per-minute (gpm) implement pump and a dedicated 7-gpm steering pump. A 9-gpm auxiliary pump is standard on Plus models and optional on Value models, for a total flow of 29 gpm. Implement hydraulic oil flow will be less than pump flow measured at the remote couplers.
  • Rear Remotes: Rear hydraulic remote valves are controlled by the ergonomically placed levers on the CommandArc™ control console. Two deluxe closed center hydraulic remote valves with couplers are standard equipment, with an optional third and fourth valve.
  • Up to 7,326 Pounds of Lift: You can handle heavy three-point-mounted implements with ease. The standard 3,735-pound lift capacity is a great match for most implements. Increase it to 5,499 pounds by adding one optional auxiliary lift cylinder, or add two lift cylinders to increase to 7,326-pound lift capacity. No matter how heavy the implement, the standard telescoping stabilizers and flexible link ends provide easy hook up to any 3-point hitch tool. An external ground control of the three-point hitch is included with the Plus package.
Axle Features
  • Axles That Are Right for the Job: You can tailor your TS6 front and rear axles to match your specific needs.
  • 2WD Front Axles: If you need a simple powerhouse, then the 2WD front axle is the right choice for you. On the TS6.110 and the TS6.120, choose from a standard-duty 2WD front axle with a 5,000-pound capacity, or the heavy-duty 2WD front axle with a 6,614-pound capacity for loader work. The heavy-duty 2WD front axle is standard on the larger TS6.130 and TS6.140 models.
  • 4WD Front Axles: If you need more traction or pulling ability, consider upgrading to the 4WD front axle. The standard-duty 4WD front axle for the TS6.110 and TS6.120 tractors offers a capacity of 8,378 pounds. The 9,039-pound-capacity, heavy-duty front axle handles the additional weight and stress that comes from higher horsepower applications. It’s standard on TS6.130 and TS6.140 models.
  • Rear Axles: If you are mowing, raking, baling, or simply don’t need to worry about row spacing, the standard, heavy-duty flange axle is the perfect choice for you. If you need more flexibility, choose the 98-inch bar axle. It adds rigidity and adjustability to straddle wide hay swaths or for row-crop applications.
  • Complete Access for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The TS6 hood flips open without tools, providing unrestricted access for servicing.
  • Extended 600-hour Service Interval: A longer 600-hour service interval means you stop less often for service.
  • Fast Fill-ups: Filling the fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is convenient and large tanks – 57.5 gallons for fuel and 7.9 gallons for DEF – mean you stop for fill-ups less often.
  • Engine Type: 4 cylinder, 16 valve, high pressure common rail, air-to-air intercooled turbo diesel
  • Engine make / model: Fiat Powertrain Industrial / FPT NEF
  • Engine displacement cu. in. (L): 274 (4.5)
  • Rated engine horsepower @ 2200 RPM: 110
  • Rated PTO horsepower: 90
  • Emissions certification: Tier 4B/Final
  • Fuel Tank Capacity gal. (l): 57.5 (217.6)
  • DEF (AdBlue®) Tank Capacity gal. (l): 7.9 (30)
Electrical System
  • Alternator amps: 120
  • Battery: 12 volt w/950 CCA
  • Base transmission: 8x8 synchronized hydraulic shuttle with left hand shuttle
  • Optional transmission: 8x8 synchronized mechanical shuttle with left hand shuttle
  • Premium transmission: 16x8 dual power synchronized hydraulic shuttle with left hand shuttle
  • Creeper option: 10:1 gear ratio
Rear PTO & 3-Point Hitch
  • PTO rpm: 540/1000
  • 3-point hitch: Category II w/flex link ends
  • Base, 3-point hitch ASAE lift capacity lbs. (kg): 3,735 (1693)
  • Option 3, 3-pt. ASAE lift capacity lbs. (kg): 5,499 (2499)
  • Option 2, 3-pt. ASAE lift capacity lbs. (kg): 7,326 (3323)
Hydraulic System
  • System type: Fixed displacement pumps (steering, implement, aux) with combining/diverter valve
  • Hydraulic implement pump flow gpm (lpm): 13 (49)
  • Optional auxiliary hydraulic pump flow gpm (lpm): 9 (34)
  • Rear hydraulic remote valves: Deluxe closed center with flow control and quick connect couplers
  • Front 4WD adjustable tread width in. (mm): 61.4 (1,560) to 88.8 (2256)
  • Front std. 2WD adjustable tread width in. (mm): 56 (1432) to 80 (2028)
  • Front HD 2WD adjustable tread width in. (mm): 60 (1524) to 84 (2134)
  • Rear flange axle adjustable tread width in. (mm): 64 (1620) to 80 (2028)
  • Rear bar axle adjustable tread width in. (mm): 60 (1524) to 80 (2028)
  • Weight (shipping, 4WD, cab, flange axle) lbs. (kg): 11,200 (5080)
  • Weight (shipping, 4WD, cab, bar axle) lbs. (kg): 12,192 (5530)
  • Weight (shipping, 2WD, cab) lbs. (kg): 9,921 (4500)
  • Weight (shipping, 4WD, ROPS, flange axle) lbs. (kg): 10,362 (4700)
  • Weight (shipping, 4WD, ROPS, bar axle) lbs. (kg): 11,002 (4990)
  • Max. tractor weight (G.V.W.), Cab, 4WD lbs. (kg): 17,196 (7800)
  • Wheel base 4WD (Std. Duty Class 3) in. (mm): 99.2 (2520)
  • Wheel base 2WD standard duty (6 bolt hub) in. (mm): 100.4 (2550)
  • Wheel base 2WD heavy duty (8 bolt hub) in. (mm): 95.8 (2432)
  • Overall length 4WD w/ front weights in. (mm): 184.7 (4690)
  • Overall length 2WD w/ front weights in. (mm): 184.5 (4687)
  • Height to top of cab in. (mm): 110.2 (2800)
  • Height to top of ROPS in. (mm): 117.3 (2980)
  • Height to top of exhaust in. (mm): 109.8 (2790)
Available Offering Configurations
  • Available Offering Configurations: 2WD, 4WD, Cab or ROPS, in Value and Plus packages, High-Clearance (TS6.120 only)
Oil flow at the remote couplers will be 10% to 15% less than pump flow. Dimensions shown are with 18.4-38 R1 rear tires and 14.9-28 R1 4WD front tires or 10.00-16 2WD front tires.



Engine Manufacturer
Fiat Powertrain Industrial / FPT NEF
Engine Type
4 cylinder, 16 valve, air-to-air intercooled turbo diesel, Tier 4B
110 hp
90 hp
Rated RPM
2200 rpm


4WD (Std. Duty Class 3): 99.2 in. (2520 mm); 2WD standard duty (6 bolt hub): 100.4 in. (2550 mm); 2WD heavy duty (8 bolt hub): 95.8 in. (2432 mm)
Top of cab: 110.2 in. (2800 mm); Top of ROPS: 117.3 in. (2980 mm); Top of exhaust: 109.8 in. (2790 mm)
4WD, cab, flange axle: 11,200 lb. (5080 kg); 4WD, cab, bar axle: 12,192 lb. (5530 kg); 2WD, cab: 9,921 lb. (4500 kg); 4WD, ROPS, flange axle: 10,362 lb. (4700 kg); 4WD, ROPS, bar axle: 11,002 lb. (4990 kg)


Fuel System
High pressure common rail
Fuel Capacity
57.5 gal. (217.6 L)
Standard: 8x8 synchronized hydraulic shuttle with left hand shuttle
Type: Fixed displacement pumps (steering, implement, aux) with combining/diverter valve; Implement pump flow: 13 gpm (49 Lpm)