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MF1206 - MF1742

MF1206 - MF1742

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Massey Ferguson
1742 - Massey Ferguson Tractor


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2014 Massey Ferguson 1742
- 41.6Hp.
- 4wd
- Massey Ferguson DL120 Loader
- Approx. 10 hours.
- 12x12 Power Shuttle Transmission


Superior performance of a bigger tractor.

Massey Ferguson is proud to offer the 1700 Series line of premium compact tractors. Designed with performance and versatility in mind, these tractors have all the tools necessary to get the job done on any farm or job site. All tractors feature powerful, clean-burning diesel engines, choice of open operator’s station or enclosed cab, 4wd capability, and a choice of power shuttle or hydrostatic transmission to meet the demands of the job at hand. Rear 540 PTO, available mid PTO, and rear 3-point hitch are just a few of the features and make the 1700 Series compact tractors a formidable workhorse on any small farm or worksite.

Powerful, Efficient Diesel Engine

All models feature a powerful diesel engine from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHO) that is both efficient and clean. Technologies such as direct common rail fuel injection, turbocharging and intercooling, and electronic engine management allow these machines to produce awesome power and torque to get the job done, while still complying with the EPA’s tough Tier 4 emissions requirements. A single piece all-steel hood opens up easily to provide full access to the engine compartment for convenient service and maintenance.

Choice of Transmissions

Customers have a choice of a mechanical power shuttle transmission or a hydrostatic transmission. The mechanical transmission is a power shuttle design featuring 12 forward and 12reverse speeds to match the job requirements. Convenient hand levers select the desired speed, and a simple power shuttle lever near the steering wheel electronically engages the forward or reverse direction. There is no need to use the foot clutch to start off or to change direction, making operation easy.

Hydrostatic transmissions are the easiest transmission to operate, and the new Servo-HST in the 1700 Series takes “easy” to a whole new level. Integrated electronics control the transmission to offer smooth, responsive operation. The Servo-HST also offers some enhanced capabilities, such as Max Speed Control, push button Cruise Control, Response Control, and Stall Guard. Side-by-side foot pedals control forward and reverse travel speed. The further you press the pedal, the faster the tractor goes. There is no need to use a foot clutch. Regardless of which transmission you choose, the 1700 Series is ideal for loader work, mowing, hauling, grading, and many other tasks.

High-Flow Hydraulics

The 1700 Series offers high-flow hydraulics to make work more productive. Higher hydraulic flow allows implements to respond more quickly, and loaders to operate faster to get more work done in a day. All tractor models can be equipped with a loader, and come standard with an integrated loader joystick and mid valves for convenient loader connection and control. Up to 3 rear remote valves are available for connecting and powering additional hydraulic implements, such as implement lift cylinders or a blade angle cylinder.

Your Choice of Comfort

The 1700 Series offers the customer a choice of comfort levels to fit the needs at hand. Each tractor model can feature an open station or enclosed cab. The open station features a flat, rubber-coated foot deck with entry and exit from both sides. Suspended vinyl seat and tilt steering wheel add to the comfort and convenient, along with the ergonomically styled layout of controls. A folding ROPS allows the tractor to enter, and work in, height restricted areas. The factory enclosed cab features a 6-post design with doors on both sides for entry and exit. A flat rubber-coated foot deck, standard HVAC, suspended cloth seat, and tilt steering make working a pleasure in any weather conditions. A front windshield wiper, available rear wiper, external side mirrors, and speakers are just a few of the creature comforts enjoyed by operators of the new 1700 Series cab tractors.

  • Rated engine HP (kW): 41.6 (31)
  • Rated engine speed: 2,500 rpm
  • Rated PTO Gear HP (kW): 32.8 (24.5)
  • Rated PTO HST HP (kW): 31.6 (23.5)
  • Engine make: Mitsubishi K38 model 1.7L 3-cylinder diesel
  • Air and fuel systems: Turbocharged and intercooled, common rail direct injection, electronic engine management
  • Emission control: Closed crank case ventilation, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), and regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Mechanical transmission: 12 x 12 power shuttle
  • Main clutch: Wet multi-disc
  • Shuttle lever: Electronic lever, left side of steering wheel
  • Hydrostatic transmission: Servo-HST electronically controlled 3-range hydrostatic transmission
  • Rear axle: Drop-axle type with bull gear final drives
  • Brakes: Internal wet disc brakes, individual control via independent foot pedals
  • Differential lock: Mechanical engagement via right side heel pedal
  • Front axle: Cast steel 4wd front axle with center drive line and bevel-gear final drives
  • Hydraulic system: Open center system, gear-type pump driven by engine to supply implements and 3-point hitch
  • Hydraulic flow @ remotes gpm (lpm): 11.6 (43.8)
  • Loader joystick: Standard equipment, integrated into right hand console
  • 3-point lift capacity lbs. (kg) @ 24": 2,535 (1,150)
  • Rear PTO: 540 rpm 13/8 inch 6-spline shaft, electro-hydraulically engaged via twist knob
  • Mid PTO: Optional, 2,000 rpm
Operator Area
  • Platform features: Flat deck with rubber mat, folding ROPS, fuel tank under platform, suspended foot pedals
  • Cab features: 6-post structure, 2 doors, flat deck with rubber mat, roofline work lights (2 front / 2 rear), suspended foot pedals, fuel tank under platform
  • Seat and steering: Deluxe suspended seat with armrests and seatbelts (vinyl seat on ROPS, cloth seat on cab), tilt steering
  • Overall length in. (mm): 130.7 (3,320)
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 71.1 (1,805)
  • Overall width in. (mm): 64.2 (1,630)
  • Overall cab height in. (mm): 91.3 (2,320)
  • ROPS base weight without ballast lbs. (kg): 3,638 (1,650)
  • Cab base weight without ballast lbs. (kg): 4,068 (1,845)
  • Fuel capacity gal (L): 14.5 (55)



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
K38 model 1.7L 3-cylinder diesel
41.6 hp (31 kW)
Gear: 32.8 hp (24.5 kW); HST: 31.6 hp (23.5 kW)
Rated RPM
2,500 rpm


71.1 in. (1,805 mm)
91.3 in. (2,320 mm)
64.2 in. (1,630 mm)
ROPS: 3,638 lb. (1,650 kg); Cab: 4,068 lb. (1,845 kg)


Fuel System
Common rail direct injection, electronic engine management
Fuel Capacity
14.5 gal. (55 L)
Mechanical: 12 x 12 power shuttle; Hydrostatic: Servo-HST electronically controlled 3-range hydrostatic transmission
Internal wet disc brakes, individual control via independent foot pedals
Type: Open center system, gear-type pump driven by engine to supply implements and 3-point hitch; Flow at Remotes: 11.6 gpm (43.8 Lpm)
Drive Type