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 Massachusetts State Contract available for New York State Subdivisions:

 - New York State subdivisions (counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, special districts & municipal entities) approved for "piggybacking" on Massachusetts State Contract.

- The contract covers New Holland compact and agriculture series tractors, limited to certain models.

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Who is NJPA?

NJPA is a public corporation or agency serving as a municipal contracting agency, operating under the legislative authority of Minnesota Statute 123A.21 (see specific statutory references on pages 4-5). All NJPA employees are public employees whom are required to pay into Public Employment Retirement Association (PERA) through payroll deduction. One level of comfort for members is that NJPA employees have the same employment status as NJPA municipal members.

What is NJPA's primary purpose?

Among other things, NJPA creates national cooperative contract purchasing opportunities and solutions on behalf of its members which include all government, education and non-profit agencies nationwide. These cooperative contract purchasing opportunities present both time and money savings for their users by consolidating numerous individually prepared solicitations to one cooperatively shared process and by the aggregation of demand from members nationwide. 

How can NJPA contracts benefit my agency?

National cooperative contracts provide considerable time and resource savings for participating member agencies.

  • Streamlines the contracting processes and maximize efficiencies
  • No need to establish and or duplicate bid docs or contract process
  • Reduce the impact of staff reductions and budget cut
  •  What is the value of membership with NJPA?

Membership establishes a legal paper trail between the member and NJPA, justifying your contract purchasing decision.  A no-cost, no-obligation NJPA membership provides access to competitively bid national cooperative contracts, produced by a national municipal contracting agency.  Our contracts leverage national volume pricing and provide our members with the desired vender choices.

  • Ease and time saving benefits of purchasing through national contacts procured, awarded and hosted by a national municipal contracting agency
  • Unique advantage to purchase quality products/services deserving of the agency

Does NJPA satisfy my local bid requirements?

Every state government/education entity has a purchasing level at which public agencies are required to “go out to bid.”  NJPA has nationally solicited, evaluated and awarded contracts through a competitive bidding process on behalf of its members.  These contracts can be leveraged by municipalities under the authority of NJPA enabling legislation and your state’s procurement laws and/or Joint Powers Authority.  These laws allow access to NJPA contracts and procurement process to satisfy your local/state building requirements, avoiding duplication of the process. 


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